Modern Mindful Therapy

Gail Elson
Lindfield, Sussex

Modern Mindful Therapy

Gail Elson
Lindfield, Sussex

Specialising in anxiety, depression, grief, loss, trauma, relationships and adolescents.


How it might feel: physical or emotional, frightening, short of breath, palpitations. Anxiety Is a feeling of panic, stress, or fear that can affect your everyday life.
How we might work through it: identify your triggers, consider the route cause, find coping mechanisms that suit you.


How it might feel: numb, emotional, sensitive, erratic, lack of sleep, lethargy, change in eating pattern. Depression can take many forms and affects both psychical and mental wellbeing.
How we might work through it: Therapy can offer the time and space you need to look below the surface and find ways to support yourself.



How it might feel: betrayed, unwanted, rejected, physical or emotional. Relationships are the way in which two or more people or groups are connected it is how people regard and behave towards each other.
How we might work through it: In session we can work through the challenges you are facing and consider alternative ways to manage.


How it might feel: sorrowful, anger, disappointment, tearful, emotional. Bereavement is a state of being deprived of something or someone.
How we might work through it: Counselling can help you understand the natural grieving process and offers a safe place for your emotions to be recognised and honoured.



How it might feel: afraid, in denial, hyper alert or over sensitive/aggressive, change in normal behaviour. Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. It can be a one off event or repeated over time.
How we might work through it: give yourself the time and space to honour your suffering, to face your fears. experience the love and support offered through a therapeutic relationship.


Teens & young adults

Working through issues as you grow and develop can be challenging. We can work through whatever is on your mind, topics such as: drugs, addiction, peer pressure, bullying, anxiety, depression, self-harm, sexuality & orientation, gender issues & relationships, identity, mental and physical development & change, being a young carer.